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Tales of the “One that got away.”

Yes, another boring fishing tale…or is it?

After having shaken off the lethargy from lack of sleep after a terribly busy (birthday) weekend, I would like to share a fishing story plus a few photos I took whilst I was at one of my all-time favorite spots … Continue reading

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Fishing .vs Catching

A short disclaimer; these pictures aren’t in any particular order, nor do they represent what I am writing about at any given time in this post. They are just a few of the ones I thought best represented the days’ … Continue reading

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Stress Relief

Yesterday, a good friend of mine and I decided we would finally get to a fishing trip that we, up until that point, hadn’t been able to find time for all summer because of work and school and life and … Continue reading

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Labor Day 2013 – Trillium Lake

After spending a week in Florida with my brother-in-law we, my wife and I, weren’t done getting our “R&R” on…so we gathered up our camping gear, conveniently tucked away at my parents-in-laws house already packed into our car, and headed … Continue reading

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How big did you say that fish was!?

Over the weekend myself and a couple¬†friends decided to do a little fishing. We headed up to Trillium Lake on Mt. Hood just past Government Camp heading towards Bend. All plans were in motion and started off beautifully. I woke … Continue reading

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