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Ever get a gift from a friend that knows you really well?

Over the holidays, I have a friend that likes to make dessert plates filled with all manner of sweet confections that he hands out. This year my friend added a little something special. A little extra if you will. Yes, … Continue reading

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WNG – Eberron – The Rescue of Flick Thistlebottom

As you recall 2 weeks ago in our Eberron game, our Pixie Bard, Flick Thistlebottom got scragged (squished, deadified, made to not live, killed, roached) in a most heinous way by the dreaded Cthullusaurus Rex. And as we all know … Continue reading

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Wednesday Night Gaming – 072413 – Terralon

Back for another installment? Good, I have one for you that I enjoyed, maybe not for the reasons that might be initially the most apparent. I know, cryptic right? Now that you are confused lets continue. After our last encounter, … Continue reading

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