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Rose City Comic Con

NOTE: I will placing small pictures in this post but you can always click on the image to see it full sized. There are so many pics I want to share and this is the best way to do it … Continue reading

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So much fun – So close to home

Last week(end) I celebrated my 46th birthday and because it fell on a Saturday, I decided to take some liberties and do stuff all weekend that I wanted to do. It started off by playing some magic the gathering on … Continue reading

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Fear the Con 6 ~ Rehash

Greetings! It has been a while since I last logged in and wrote so without further ado I shall recount as best I can my trip to St. Louis for Fear the Con 6. Learning from my trip last year … Continue reading

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Fear The Con 6

Very shortly I will be heading to St. Louis for Fear the Con 6 where my buddy Ruben and I will spend 2 full days (in my case) killing ‘da bad guys, and (in his case) running games so that … Continue reading

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Man Weekend Part Deux – The Rehash

Man, what a weekend. Get it? Man what a weekend…Okay so maybe I am the odd person here. Sue me. 🙂 This past weekend was lots of fun and am really glad that some new peeps of mine could make … Continue reading

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Man Weekend Part Deux

Man Weekend Part Deux officially starts in two days and I can’t wait. Man Weekend is what you might expect it to be, a bunch of guys getting together over the weekend doing what they like to do; play games, … Continue reading

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Man-Weekend Part Deux

Coming up in a few short weeks I and seven of my friends will be heading to Seaside for what has been dubbed “Man-Weekend.”  Since this is the second outing we are calling it Part Deux. I know it isn’t … Continue reading

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Magic the Gathering ~ Quote of the Day

For those of you not familiar with Magic the Gathering you likely will not get this. For that I apologize, I don’t mean to exclude you. For those of you that do understand MtG – this is for you… Whilst … Continue reading

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Cards Purchased…Selling Begins

It has been mentioned that I am in the process of starting an e-business for the buying/selling of MtG cards. In the past 6 weeks I have made a couple of purchases. I initially bought a small collection of about … Continue reading

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Initial phases for eStore in progress

I will start off saying that I am now in the initial phases of starting my online store. I believe I mentioned sometime ago that I was starting an online store where I could sell gaming materials. This was the … Continue reading

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