Seeing my reflection upon the mirrored glass

Makes me think time moves way too fast

So live for the moment and enjoy every day

Before your remaining sands have all slipped away

I look back over this year and realize that I have accomplished so much and done so many wonderful things and experienced some big life events:

  • Quit my nine-to-fiver (technically I did that in December of last year)
  • I started my own business
  • I learned how to network
  • Joined a modeling/acting agency
  • Celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary
  • Had back surgery
  • Got to spend countless hours with my friends goofing off and enjoying their company
  • I completed my first audio book, started on my second and signed two more contracts to narrate trilogies – I have posted a link to my first book – Deep Dark Woods – on my blog and will do likewise with all my other projects.

I feel truly blessed and fortunate to have been able to have an incredible year that I have and I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the one person whom deserves so much credit. Someone that I don’t acknowledge near enough…my wonderfully awesome wife Jessica. She has supported me in every endeavor I have ever wanted to do and supported those choices with sage advise and unwavering enthusiasm. I owe all thanks and gratitude to the rock in my life, Jessica.

You are truly the best a person can hope to be – loving, supportive, fiery and thoughtful. I love you more today that than yesterday and will love you more tomorrow than today.

Here is to another 45 years with the love of my life!

Finally I would like to thank everyone that has wished me Happy Birthday. Getting old never felt so good.

Peace be with you all!

More to come…

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  1. Thank you John and thank you Christine for following my blog.


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