Pi Day of the Century (of ALL TIME)

As many of you people know we recently “celebrated” Pi Day which is March 14th of every year. For those not in the know about Pi, you can read about it here on Wikipedia. This year was different however, because the year is 2015 we were able to tease the date to carry out the string to a far greater degree the farthest degree we will ever be able to do with.

Here is the first 50 numbers in the string of Pi – 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510

Here is what I captured on my computer after going to a site that was giving a countdown.

Pi Day - 031415If you crop it the way you want (removing the 20 from 2015 and adding a decimal after the 3 – you get the idea) is 3.141592653

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2 Responses to Pi Day of the Century (of ALL TIME)

  1. Anna Nutt says:

    This is way more than my poor little brain wants to contend with. Thanks anyway. Love ya, Mom


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