Hawaii – 2011 – Day 12

Today starts the winding down of our trip. We only have a few days left in which to soak up enough sun and warmth to last until spring time next year. Sigh!

On our us trip around the island early in our trip we heard of a winery near Hilo, the opposite side of the island. So with no other plans for the main part of the day we headed out on the 90+ mile trip to the wet side of the island.

We made our way to the winery and enjoyed seven or eight wines. All but the first two were really good so of course we had to buy a few bottles to make the trip worth it…right?

After arriving home without too much time to spare we had a few minutes to freshen up before our last main activity, a Luau. This is the third of the Hawaiian island we have been on a and up until now had never attended a Luau before. I think that some of that was our belief in what was to take place and what we had expected to take place.

The activity did not let down. It was AWESOME! Sadly I left my camera at home and will have to borrow pics to share from Jess who did not forget hers. To start the evening off we had our picture taken against a backdrop of ocean, sun, palm trees and beaches. Could it be any better? Next we were shown the line to where we could get our cocktails started. Half the line was dedicated to Mai Tai’s alone, the other half was for all other alcohol combined. I think I said I would drink a few for some friends back home and didn’t want to disappoint so…

We were seated front row center, which by the way was the best seat in the house. We were given the details of the night’s festivities by a gentleman who I said thought he was the “Hawaiian Don Ho.” I felt really stupid after saying it. I chalk it up to the drinks.

There was a local band that played while we all were seated and waiting for the show to start. This went on for some time before our MC came back out and showed us the pit and Emu that we were going to have as part of our meal. Emu means pig in Hawaiian.

There were like fifteen courses for dinner of which I tried all but the poi. Been there and done that. Not a big fan. A couple different kinds of salad, a couple different kinds of fish, rolls, coconut jello like stuff, two kinds of chicken, terriyaki beef and emu. There were a couple more items that I can’t remember. So good, all of it.

Finally the best part of the evening arrived, the entertainment. Well if you don’t count me with about 6 Mai Tai’s in me. šŸ™‚ Kidding…it was only about, oh wait, maybe it was six. Back to the story. Many kinds of Polynesian dance performed by four Wahine (women) and four Kane (men). It was so fantastic. Anybody who has never seen one should. Put it on your bucket list.

It is really so hard to describe all the surprising and wonderful dances we were privileged to see. I feel honored.

More to come…

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