Robinson Crusoe – Daniel Defoe – 1719 – Spolier Alert

I wrapped up Robinson Crusoe last night. Written by Daniel Defoe in 1719 this is one of the many classics that I downloaded from Amazon for my Kindle for free. I love free.

The story is about a man who’s rebellious nature has led him to leave his home and seek adventure on his own. Where it lands him is captured and enslaved, freed, sugar plantation owner, and then marooned on an island for 27 years (most of those alone) finding salvation from himself in the good book. Ultimately he is the instrument of his own rescue while along the way saves many other souls from the same fate that he had suffered. Just when you think the story ends, nope, the author starts almost a mini adventure of his overland adventures traveling to England during the worst snow storm since the beginning of time.

I liked that here is a story that is almost 300 years old and still has newer and modern adaptations made from it. It is the quintessential man against world, man wins, redemption and winning the lottery all rolled up into one.

What I didn’t like about the story

  • I think that the very end about trekking the european countryside detracted away from the main storyline almost as a dare against mother nature to end the man who survived against insurmountable odds being on an island for 27 years. It didn’t just make any sense. It was like an afterthought.

Things I liked about the book

  • That a main so possessed of his fortune and who pursued it so rigorously even when one might argue he had achieved success was disaster bound when temptation once again tugged his coat tails and was received with Robinson turning ’round and running after it. To me this smells of all sorts of bad things happening, which came to fruition. Definitely book worthy.
  • I appreciated the amount of time that Daniel gave over to projects on the island. Fencing in an area or cutting down a tree or hollowing said tree out took months and years. I thought this was very believable.
  • I appreciated the paranoia that happened to Robinson once he saw the lone footprint on the beach and after when he first had seen the savages. I think I really felt sorry for the man when reading this because I thought this was something that would occur to someone who had lived for years in complete isolation.
  • I appreciated the ending where Robinson was able to reunite with what was left of his family even though his father had already passed. I also liked the fact that he had become a man of honor and principal. His sojourn on the island had taught him the value of many things. The most important of those was to be thankful and to give thanks. In this case it was GOD who he gave thanks to for deliverance.
  • I think finally, what I appreciated most about this book was that it was timely and current. Daniel wrote about things that occurred before, during and after his lifetime. He talked about sailing the seas and trade, even in the slave trade which happened. He talked about traveling the world.

Ultimately I say this is a book that people should read. It deals with many issues that most people cannot fathom but what does transcend time is that you can overcome anything with the proper state of mind and stick-to-it attitude.

More to come…

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