Independant Merchants – Season 2013-2014 – Week 1

Welcome back everyone! We finally kicked off the start of the Independent Merchants 2013-2014 season.

I am going to change things up a little bit and indicate who wins each poker hand and who wins their points as well as the usual information I deliver for those of you that like more information.

We also have a change in our line-up this year with Bill not being able to make it. We are not 100% certain we have a replacement but we do have a person that is interested in joining our team. I hope that we do fill. It will keep us from having a blank spot on the team as well as teaching another person how to bowl. Yeah! I love helping people along that journey.

Without further ado…

  • ()()(160) Mr. Pink-184-*155-*167=506 (168) +8
  • ()()(162) Ruben-*206-160-137=503 (168) +6
  • ()()(152) Teri-127-*155-*176=458 (152) +0
  • ()()(173) Tod-149-*203-*200=552 (184) +11
  • ()()(215) James-*210-*239-208=657 (219) +4

As a team we took 29 out of 35. That is an awesome start to the season. Let me give a break down of what you are seeing above so that it is in some way meaningful to you. We will use me as an example. ()()(215) James-*210-*239-208=657 (219) +4

  • ()()-The first parentheses is for how many poker hands won
  • ()()-The second parentheses is for individual points won
  • (215)-This number indicates last weeks average
  • James-This is the person bowling
  • *210-*239-208=657-These three scores represent each game bowled. If there is an asterisk next to the score that means that person won their point. If the score is italicized it means that the won the poker hand that game and =657 is the total of all 3 games added together
  • (219)-Is the average for the games bowled this evening
  • +4-This number represents the amount above or below last weeks average for the night.

As you can see, as a team we did incredibly good out of the starting gate. I look forward to more of these weeks.

More to come…

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