Dark Lanterns – Xen’drik has been sighted

For the last several gaming sessions we have been traveling by water elemental powered ship to the mysterious far-off continent of Xen’drik, land of ancient and dead civilizations.

We travel to Xen’drik because of some writings found in the ancient tongue of giants used by the powerful and extinct civilization that used to inhabit the continent that might pertain to our specific dilemma.

Travel has taken several game sessions and weeks of water-borne travel. Even though our ships are powered by water elementals, we still are at the mercy of the wind and oceans, the true masters of sea travel.

As we sluggishly make our way to the new continent, we have had several encounters that have both enlightened and enriched us. We discovered that coterminous zones can happen even under water (more on that later) and we have answered at least one mystery that no one really was a mystery.

As Xen’drik in finally sighted, we slow to a complete stop several miles from shore and the captain comes out on deck and blows an unusual horn. After some minutes the water around the ship begins to boil with activity and soon we are surrounded by a large number of Sahuagin, a kind of fish-person.

A small delegation of fish-people makes its way onto the deck and are greeted by the captain. Their leader, an average representative of the species, going by the name of Glub-Glub, as far as we can make out, starts talking with the captain. After some minutes of talking in Sahuagin native language the captain explains to us that the Sahuagin have recently been plagued by a terrible creature that has taken up residence nearby and have been killing off Sahuagin when it can. For safe passage through the reefs that surround Xen’drik we are to deal with and dispatch said creature.

The beast should be easy to find as there is a yellow glow that resides near to where the most Sahuagin have gone missing. Without any other choice but to help the Sahuagin, rituals have been cast upon us that allow for water breathing and better movement in water.

Prepared for battle, me and my companions jump overboard and slowly descend into the watery depths below guided by a light that projected itself up from the ocean bottom, presumably the light the Sahuagin mentioned to us that marked where we should be able to find our prey.

Once we all make bottom, we head straight away for the light. As we edge closer to the light the water starts to thicken with algae and sacks of eggs all around. Hundreds and thousands of them.

As we finally arrive at the light, we make out that it is coming from an old temple to a long forgotten god. The symbol projecting the light may have once been carved onto a wall or roof or some such but more recently it is used for unnatural things as evidence of carcasses lay on and around the slab of rock that now faces the sky from the seabed floor.

Topside view of our underwater battle

Topside view of our underwater battle

Our investigations of the area are disrupted by not one but two creatures, apparently a mated pair by the looks from all the egg sacks we found covering much of the surrounding surfaces. A knowledge check later reveals to us that these are Aboliths, horrible and powerful creatures bent on dominating everything less powerful than they. Which is oft-times most everything. Fortunately for us these were a young pair and had not come into their full maturity or powers as yet which left us a fighting chance.

G'Croc delivers a viscous blow the knocks prone the male Aboleth to start the combat with

G’Croc delivers a viscous blow the knocks prone the male Aboleth to start the combat with

Upon initiative it turns out that G’Croc, the Dragonborn – Barbarian character I play goes first. Knowing that our entire mission may fail before it even gets started if we are unsuccessful in our efforts to eliminate the Aboliths and their egg-sack brood, I focus on the task at hand and attack the male specimen….NATURAL 20 – CRITICAL HIT!!! and a free attack as part of my barbarian-ness which allows me to make a basic attack whenever I roll a nat. 20 in combat. I stacked up around 50-80 points (I forget which) of damage on the guy in my first salvo. I may have even bloodied him. Not a bad start.

The fight rages on

The fight rages on

The rest of the party joins in and soon both Aboliths are doing their best to give us their worst. We take several hits early on but are able to eliminate the male pretty quickly and are able to focus fire on the female. The fight was short and ugly with our side ending up on top.

Wrapping up the short fight against the female Aboleth

Wrapping up the short fight against the female Aboleth

Before we head to the surface we dispatch all the eggs, well…most of the eggs. G’Croc has pocketed a few of them and is undecided as to what he will do with them, sell them, destroy them or raise them as his own.

We return to the ship and inform Glub-Glub that the beasts will bother his people no more. He is satisfied after some of his people confirm we are true to our word. As a way of saying thanks we are given some magic trinket or have an incantation cast on us that allows us to speak Sahuagin.

True to his word Glub-Glub escorts our ship safely through the reefs and sees us safely docked, allowing us to begin our ultimate mission in earnest, which is to figure out why there have been so many coterminous zones cropping up here and there so often.

After we dock our ship we know we have to meet our contact, Shade, so that we can continue to move forward with our research into all the coterminous zones. But where to find him/her? A bar of course…

The dwarf and I decide that the best place to look for our contact would be in a bar of course but not just any bar but just about the seediest bar you could imagine coming across. It was ran by a half giant. After getting the hairy-eyeball from the half-giant bartender whose name escapes me right now, we order a couple of drinks based on his recommendation. That was a smart move…the local brew was some pretty gnarly stuff but both the dwarf and myself did ourselves proud and didn’t hurl and even stayed conscious. After another tankard full of the stuff we were ready to take on the world and meet our contact whom we yelled for at the top of our lungs…much to the chagrin of our sober companions.

We had to have an early night so we ended after this encounter.

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1 Response to Dark Lanterns – Xen’drik has been sighted

  1. Paul B. says:

    Dude, there’s no Rumplestiltskin in Ebberon. We were sent to Xen’drik because there was evidence that the source of the coterminous anchors that were wreaking havoc in Sharn were Giant in nature. So we were sent by the Dark Lanterns to locate the source in Xen’drik and eradicate the problem. Had some Pirate Lichey and Calamari issues along the way. Oh and Flick died, there was that too.


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