Independent Merchants – 2014-2015 – Wk. 6

The Wrecking Crew

  • (169) Brian-{173}-{169}-{162}= 504 {168} -1
  • (147) Lenny-{157}-{138}-{172}=467 {155} +8
  • (160) Ruben-{162}-{169}-{152}=483 {161} +1
  • (184) Tod-{188}-{154}-{158}=500 {166} -18
  • (214) James-{242}-{181}-{246}=669 {223} +9

Bold indicates individual point won. Italics indicate poker hand won.

As a team we took 31 out of 35 points and as a team we were -1 for the night.

After tonight we are in first place with a 26 point lead over the second place team going into the position round. If we can take 1st place this quarter, it will be the first time in MANY years that I have done so. Ruben and Lenny haven’t been on the team long enough to have remembered when that occurred last time with me. Tommy and Tod however did win 2 quarters five years ago when I took a hiatus from bowling after I got married. Boo-ya!

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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