More audiobooks in the works

The Shylmahn Migration - Book 1No sooner have I completed my last audiobook, When the Dead Wake, than I have signed on to do two trilogies. Book one of the first trilogy is called  The Shylmahn Migration. This audiobook will be ready in December of the year…or sooner if the starts align.

This is another fantastic read and I hope I can do it justice on the audiobook. The author of the work is David Beshears. Check out his page on this particular book and then check out the rest of his works here at Greybeard Publishing.

Here is the cover as obtained from Amazon where this book and eBook are also available for purchase.

Seeds Across the SkyThe other series is from author Mark Whiteway. This is the second trilogy in the Lodestone Series, so technically this is book 4. I am very excited to be working on this project.

This book should be out in January of 2015…or sooner if the stars align.

Here is the cover art and synopsis from Marks site.

Both of these fine authors’ books are available on Amazon for purchase in paper and eBook format and will soon be available on Audible when the audiobook versions are complete.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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