When the Dead Wake Audiobook Complete

Recently I just finished my second audiobook, When the Dead Wake. It is now awaiting a last pass by one of the authors for any final edits he may have before it is sent to ACX for publishing.

The book is written by Christopher Gray and Matthew Burris. Here is what is written on Amazon about the book – “What would you do if you discovered that someone was trying to unleash a zombie apocalypse? Would you risk everything you had and even your life itself to save everyone? Could you even do it?

Richard Griffon and Elijah Parrish are two down-on-their-luck private detectives who barely scrape by on meager earnings they get from chasing cheating spouses. Desperate for cash, they take on what they think is a routine job to track down Angela, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, and her bodyguard Talia. Angela is a spoiled and bored socialite who drifts aimlessly from one party to another, in and out of rehab. What they don’t know is that she has accidentally stumbled onto a conspiracy of unimaginable proportions. Her world will be turned upside down when she discovers her father has entered into a dangerous conspiracy to release a virus that raises its victims for a near-death state and turns them into raging ghouls who will kill anyone within their reach.

As the group struggles to understand their situation, they find that there are parties who are willing to do everything inside and outside of the law to keep this information secret. The group finds themselves drawn into a situation where they can no longer trust anyone but each other. Fearing for their lives and having nowhere to turn to, the group must decide what to do next. Do they run away and hope for the best or risk everything to expose the conspiracy? Can they even stop the outbreak of a zombie pandemic or is it now too late?”

This is an awesome read and I hope that people will find it an awesome listen. I am thoroughly pleased to have worked on this project. The story was great and the characters believable.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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