Introductions…it’s about time!

I realized, somewhat belatedly, that I had not properly introduced myself with my initial blog entry; to remedy the situation I would like to take this opportunity to do just that.  My name is James. I live in Portland Oregon within a small community called St. Johns. St. Johns is a great area well away from much of the rest of the greater Portland Metro area nestled in north Portland close to the Oregon Washington border.

Things I should get out in the open first off; I am not great at spelling or sentence structure. I use spell check and reread my posts but I cannot swear there won’t be odd things every now and again to show up in my posts.

I will also from time to time mention personal projects that I will be working on throughout the year. These projects will focus on the positive and keep away from the negative as much as possible. This is in every aspect of my life. I have realized that I have slid more and more towards being a cynic in deed and less in thought. This became evident when I was playing D&D before the holiday when I mentioned I wanted to stop being a grouch and be more accepting of things in general, not to let things sway my moods that weren’t really that important in the grand scheme of things, when a friend of mine said that I had said those exact words before and that I should just stop saying it and start doing it.

This got me thinking that I needed to really take a look at who I was and who I wanted to be. Not in a mid-life crisis type of exploration but in a very down to earth examination on what is truly important to me. I guess in all of this I am saying that I am not very happy and need to work on making that happen.

More to come…

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