Hawai’i – 2011 – Day 1

I apologize for getting this out to you all so late, things have been very hectic and at the end of the day(s), the last thing I have felt like doing was writing. Let me put it another way; it wasn’t that I didn’t want to write, it was there was less time to drink beer and enjoy the nearly 80 degree weather if I did so. Kidding! I really have meant to get this out sooner.

Day 1 – We hopped our plane out of PDX at approx. 10:30am and flew for about 6 hours to Honolulu then waiting 1.5 hours + for our layover that took all of 20 minutes to Lihue on the “Garden” island – Kauai.

Once we had our bags we walked across the street to Alamo car rental for ort economy car that the agent tried upgrading us from to no avail. However, once in the lot there were no economy sized cars available so we were upgraded to a Sonata, which is a sedan and actually a pretty nice car…for free!

We had to make one stop before heading to our resort…Costco. This place is great for getting coffee, nuts, and beer and rum, all things we will be consuming in regular quantities during our stay.

Next we had to travel the 30 miles to Princeville where we are staying at the beautiful Bali Hai resort in the dark on a road that had construction work happening during the day but was closed off at night and a 30 mph speed limit. Ultimately this meant we took about 1.5 hours to reach our final destination.

When we finally arrived travel weary and bleary-eyed we were told that had been upgraded to the Presidential Sweet…for free! Cha-ching! We overlook the pool from our balcony, have two-bedrooms, both of which have their own bathrooms, full kitchen and ceiling fans in every room. So far so good. Here is a view overlooking the pool from our veranda…

Anyone for a dip?
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2 Responses to Hawai’i – 2011 – Day 1

  1. mikki says:

    you lucky duck, send a picture of your rooms


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