Bowling Update – Week 24

Not much to tell so i will let the numbers paint the picture.

  • Tommy (157) 113125 – 159 = 397
  • Ruben (156) 220 – 160 – 182 = 562 (average 187 – +31 pins/game)
  • Bill (171) 142222 – 171 = 535
  • Tod (165) 182187117 = 486
  • James (212) 206 – 204 – 171 = 581

We took 4.5 points out of 35. Sad night! There were some highs and lows as indicated by the bold numbers.

Not speaking for the other bowlers but for myself, I had a real struggle carrying the ten pin. I think I had 7 or 8 ten-pins for the night. I picked all up with the exception of one. Not too bad from that stand point. In fact I actually went the first 15 frames of the night without an open frame but I wasn’t able to string any strikes together.

From what I observed of the others bowling; Tommy’s ball speed once again prevented him his ball from hooking the way it was intended and thus missed the pocket many more times than he should have and carried fewer striked than he could have.

Tod did really well the first two games and then the wheels fell off. Not certain why. Actually I know he did not carry as many ten-pins as he either would have liked or as he did in the first two games. All in all the first two games was more the Tod of old and I was very happy to see Tod do this well.

Bill was a mixed bag with a slow start in his first game going 25+ pins under average but definitely found his groove in his second game by going over by nearly 50 pins. Finally he settle around his average for the last game.

Ruben had a great game but could have had even a greater game but opened the tenth frame and by the 8th or 9th frame had lost his strike ball due to his confidence in getting them. By this I could see he was feeling good and was throwing the ball harder down the lane which did not allow for the ball to hook as much as it had been doing all game. This is not to take anything away from Ruben who despite having only one game at 4 pins over average he still ended at 31 pins over average per game. He takes the prize once again.

Till next week.

More to come…

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