Idle Chit-chat & Random Thoughts, a contest – sort of…and more!

I thought I would take a few minutes to jot down a few things I had been thinking about lately. In part because I have not been keeping up with my blog with the exception of bowling updates and I think I need to reassert my self and start writing regularly again.

So…where to begin? Last November a buddy of mine mentioned it was National Writing Month or something like that. I was intrigued and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get some people writing. This is what I propose, I would like for everyone who is interested in writing and is reading this to write a short story, let’s say nothing more than 2000 words. Send them to me and I will post them on my blog. This is not a contest, just a nice way for people to get excited and take a small step towards writing if they need a little encouragement. These are to be be original authentic pieces. No plagerized or old original material. This is for the encouragement of original ideas coming to life.

I will hold this open for one week so next week on the 14th all entries will need to be turned in. I will then post the stories, one a day until all entries have been posted. This will encourage people to come back and read the next story day after day.

In other news, next month kicks-off the beginning of several trips I will be taking. I start of going with my wife and her band to San Antonio Texas to play in a couple of gigs. We will be there for a week and will get the opportunity to try new and authentic food, visit the Alamo and do whatever else there is to do in San Antonio. Oh – I almost forgot – The San Antonio River Walk. How could I forget that? Here, verbatem, is what is on the website for the River Walk – “The San Antonio River Walk is a public park open 365 days a year, lined with individual businesses composed of restaurants, hotels, attractions and more.” This trip will be from April 20th to the 27th (well those are the days I am off from work – we might stay through the weekend – maybe not) for a week vacation of site seeing.

My next excursion will be the follwing week after I return from San Antonio. I will be going to St. Louis with a gaming buddy of mine and his wife for Fear the Con 5. This is a gaming convention that my buddy Rubenm has been going to for a couple of years and has been helping out with t-shirt design and the running of some games.

As I understand it, the festivities start on Thursday night for a meet n’ greet over a buffet style wing dinner with beer…included in the price of your ticket. Boo-ya! I imagine Thursday night some of us will get together and do some gaming back at someones hotel to get us primes for the next 48 hours af gaming bliss. Friday morning will officially start the gaming with us either joining games other people are running or ones that Ruben is running. There is a Magic the Gathering tourneyment Ruben and I will join in on at some point. More of the same on Saturday. I fly back early Sunday morning.

I will have a car while I am there so on Thursday if time permits, I will visit the “Arch” and ride the elevator. Whoop! I will also be checking out other site I should see while I am visiting the greta state of Missouri.

Finally, later in May we are going camping on the coast at Cape Perptua for Memorial Day. I am really looking forward to this trip especially because my buddy Tom and his family will be joining us for the first time. We are going to be having about 20 people join us for this trip. If you have never camped along the coast, you should. Laborday Weeken has better weather but anything on the coast is better that the “Mountain.” Mt. Hood is awesome but Memorial Day is always subjust to snow and smaller sites for camping. When we camp there are often so many of us that a large site is necessary for all of us to fit into it, otherwise you get people being left out just by the fact that there isn’t enough space to fit everyone. Then it just doesn’t feel like it was supposed to. In my mind anyway.

You know, I think I have rattled on for far too long and am going to say farewell for now. Remember to submit your original work of writing; it can be fiction or nonfiction.

More to come…

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1 Response to Idle Chit-chat & Random Thoughts, a contest – sort of…and more!

  1. Paul says:

    You need more D&D updates in your awesome blog. Not that bowling isn’t awesome, it just D&D is more awesome, and your re-caps are cool.


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