Overall Health Update

A couple of entries ago I mentioned I was a little down in the mouth about weighing the whopping 269 that I managed to get myself too. I am happy to announce that I am at 259 now. Now I understand that your weight can fluctuate considerably from day-to-day with normal activity depending on a number of factors, when you last ate/drank, level of activity etc…It has been mentioned (by my wife) that to get an accurate measure of your weight-loss/gain is to do a five-day running total. I will begin that tomorrow and in five days time will give the running total.

Another thing I wanted to mention was that I had a food tolerance test done for the sake of seeing if there was anything funny going on with my inner working. Good thing I did too…I think. As it turns out, I have an intolerance for dairy. I was not at all happy to hear  about I can tell you. Not that I am a big milk drinker but rather a cheese eater. Especially goat cheese. In fact cheese in all its glory, nachos, pizza, shaved with wine, crackers and fruit, cheeseburgers…all of it gone. 😦 The technical term used for the intolerance I have is Leaky Gut Syndrome. (this link will take you to Web MD for a brief description of this little know malady)

Something most people don’t think about but lots of the meat we eat whether store-bought or from a restaurant has been treated with lactic acid as a preservative. Lactic acid comes from dairy….ding ding ding – the light goes on and a collective deep sigh goes off…meat served with lactic acid triggers the same reaction in my body as eating a slice of pizza or eating nachos. I got to tell you that is a big fat pile of steaming suck. What this also means is that now have to look online or call ahead to our favorite restaurants to see if lactic acid is being used.

Jessica called our local meat market – Western Meat Market – located at 4707 N Lombard St – Portland Oregon, and found that they do not use lactic acid for all the regular stuff like steak, chops, chicken and that sort of thing but they do use it in things that need to be preserved like hotdogs. I guess hotdogs are out for the time being but I am very happy that the rest of their food is lactic acid free.

Moving on. I also cannot have sugar and all its derivatives within four hours of fruit. If I do it causes inflammation of my digestive system. Bad ju-ju. Lots of places are steering away from cane sugar and that is great but for me I need to steer well away from all the derivatives of cane sugar. This list includes brown sugar, molasses, Florida crystals, cane syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, sucralose and Splenda. It isn’t all doom and gloom though, I can have sweeteners as long as they are agave, honey or maple syrup.

In addition I apparently need Cell Salt supplements. Mag phos tissue salt I guess is the technical term.

It sounds like I am a wreck but the truth is I am not, in fact I am lucky in that I have had these things tested for before they became a real problem. I call it my mid-life life-adjustment. I can have the things I like but in a little different or altered form. I can deal with that.

I also had a liver enzyme test done a couple of weeks ago and everything is good there too. You never can be too careful. Actually I have been having that test done for the last 5-7 years to make sure there isn’t any issues after my PCP found an elevation in one of the enzymes in my liver 5-7 tears ago.

Now if I could just be done with this damn sciatica I would be awesome. One day and one step at a time.

More to come…

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