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This is where I briefly list what I have been up to and periodically give my progress in certain areas.

Post Op +5 – things looking good

It has been five days since I had what amounted to a laminectomy on two of my discs. No infection or swelling so far and I am off pain meds completely. Not to say that I am not feeling a … Continue reading

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Surgery went well -recovering now

Surgery went well. Feeling pretty good right now. Surgery lasted about 3-3.5 hours and recovery for a couple more. Staff has been great. Provided everything goes asĀ  planned, i will be heading home tomorrow. I want to thank everyone for … Continue reading

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The big day has arrived…

That’s it folks, the big day has finally arrived. And none to soon if you ask me. Surgery should be around 1pm and I should be under for 2.5 hours should everything go hunky-dory. The surgical procedures being performed for … Continue reading

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Odds and ends…

Big news first; I am scheduled for surgery on the 17th of this month. That is 1 week from today. They are going to be working on the discs at the locations of L4-L5 and L5-S1. There are a couple … Continue reading

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Surgery is scheduled…at last.

It seems like things are finally locked down for surgery (later this month or sooner if there is a cancellation) that I will be having to correct, or (at the very least) alleviate, the problems I have been having with … Continue reading

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Health Update Part III

In recent months I have cut way down on the things that I post and in the past weeks have narrowed that down event further to just the most important thing in my life. Currently that is my health. As … Continue reading

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Health Update Part II

It appears after seeing my fourth neurosurgeon that I need both a CT Scan of the lumbar area of my spine as well as a nerve conduction test. Both of these will give my current doctor the information he needs … Continue reading

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Health Update

For the past 8-9 years I have been dealing with sciatica and for years longer than that I have had issues with my back from previous incidents. When I was 17 I was readying myself for the Army after high … Continue reading

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Stress and Dealing With It

Good day to everyone! Peace be with you all. I think this is a good mantra and I am going to start using it more often. More and more I am hearing about how people need to try and stay … Continue reading

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As we get older….

we need to be more vigilant and aware of what our bodies are telling us…and we need to listen and act upon that information. It recently was brought home to me that I am getting older. And unless things have … Continue reading

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