Week 14 Bowling Update

  • (158) Mr. Pink 169-161-168=498 (166) +8
  • (160) Ruben 127-186-186=478 (159) -1
  • (165) Brian 172-150-170=492 (164) -1
  • (166) Tod 158-179-191=175 (176) +10
  • (208) James 182-252-197=631 (210) +2

We split 18/17 for the point total which considering how we have been doing this quarter is actually pretty good. The team we bowled against was the latest team to join which also makes it the 20th team for our league. They were a younger team but were energetic, respectful (of their elders ;)) and all around decent guys.

One thing that is noteworthy is that their #1 & #2 bowlers used the two-handed method of bowling made famous by the Australian bowler Jason Belmonte. You can watch a clip of him on YouTube here: Jason Belmonte. This may cause a small conundrum as in league bowling you are either a right or left-handed bowler not both. Not sure how that will play out but they were interesting to watch and fun to bowl against all the same.

For the night as a team we didn’t do terrible overall ending at +18 for the team average thanks mostly to Mr. Pink (+8) and Tod (+10). My +2 cancelled out Ruben and Brian’s -1 for the night.

The bowler of the night for our team has to be Tod is a tie between Tod and Mr. Pink. Even though Tod did not make his average the first game he did roll +13 and +25 for his last two games. Nice bowling Tod. Tommy did make his average every game and ended with +11, +3 and +10 respectfully for his games. Nice bowling to you as well sir.

This marks the second week in a row that Tommy has made his average every game. That is actually pretty impressive. Anyone who knows bowling will understand that. Tommy is simply trending upward.

I will place my second game up for honorable mention, not because I feel the need to try to steal some of the spot-light from Mr. Pink and Tod, but because I did run the front eight frames with strikes.

I will wrap up by simply saying that I am thankful that the second quarter is over. It was a real struggle and now we can start fresh after the new year.

If I don’t post before the new year I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule or Festivus. If I left you off the list of holiday observance, it was truly by accident. I wish all the best during this time of celebration. Have a wonderful New Year and share time with those whom you love.

More to come…

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