New Mexico – Day 7 – Friday, October 19th

Once again we are greeted with blue skies with a few wispy clouds. Temperature was in the 70’s.

We were recommended to eat at one place for breakfast so we decided to do so for our one breakfast out. This place is called Wecks. It belongs to a chain but that should dissuade you from trying it if ever you have the chance. The food portions were very generous and actually pretty tasty.

For our last day here we decided to go to another art community in Madrid called The Turquoise Trail. The link I am providing goes to the Wikipedia page. Not very exciting but does give you some insight to the place.

We parked along one street towards the beginning of the several blocks of converted houses-to-art-galleries and started our slow but steady walk, going from one house/studio to the next with equal parts excitement and bizarre fascination. I say bizarre fascination because when it comes to art, only the designer/artist fully understands their medium or maybe intention might be a better word.

We saw recycled bicycle parts welded in an odd assortment of alien-esque creatures on the order of lawn ornaments. We saw t-shirts by the handful and then we got into the pieces of art that some people call jewelry. In this case it was very nice jewelry. In fact I did buy mu brother a key-chain made from local New Mexico turquoise, some beautiful would and brass (I think). I admit to having a soft spot for handcrafted jewelry. The best was yet to come.

Along our trek along one street then crossing over to the other side and making our way down the other we came across a small gather of people staring at the ground intently. As we approached we could finally see what they were watching…this guy.

What a beautiful arachnid
What a beautiful arachnid

He was getting ready to head into the street when we saw the cluster of people. One brave soul managed to steer him away from the street for the time being and disaster was averted. For the time being at least.

As we finished up our walk through the art mecca of New Mexico we came across an actual, honest-to-god coffee shop. Not a Starbucks coffee shop belonging to a chain either.

Salvation is just one wacky sign away.
Salvation is just one wacky sign away.

This place was great and drew our attention immediately with its great eye-catching sign. We stepped in and immediately felt at home. The smell of freshly ground coffee wafted through the air. The old-time pictures on the walls, one  showing what had been in this exact building some period between 50-100 years ago. There was lots of mugs and t-shirts in here as well but all coffee themed. The great thing about coffee is that even though it is traditionally served hot, especially in Portland where we have wet weather 7 months of the year, you can also get it iced, which is what Jessica and I did. Two iced something-or-others to go.

Jessica and I also are into wine, Jessica more than me but I drink it too. Jessica had seen a winery on our travels and we decided to try and fit it in to one of our days. Turns out today was that day. The winery in question was called Gruet Winery. We came in just as a massive (20+ people massive) work party was leaving and the attendants were busy trying to get things back in order.

After looking at the list of red and whites we decided we would share a taster of reds. We paid our fee and eagerly awaited the first pour of 5-7 reds we would be sampling. It was pretty standard and nothing too exciting popped out at us enough to make us want to buy. We left somewhat disappointed.

Finally Jessica had heard about a confectioners called The Candy Lady. We parked around the corner from the shop and Jess stopped to take a picture of the speed limit sign posted in front of us. 18 MPH it read. I read it and read it not understanding why Jess needed a picture of it. She finally had to explain to me. I felt dumb.

We went into this place and was immediately greeted by the scents, sights and sounds of a place that makes/sells candy all day long. Perusing the glass cases filled with their sugary treasures I noticed a news-clipping on the wall that grabbed my attention. It read something to the effect of the “city” representatives were a little cranky at the owner(s) of The Candy Lady because they were marketing their wares to sell candy. In this instance what got everybody so riled up was The Candy Lady was selling rock candy in little packs and calling it Blue Sky – a term used on the television show Breaking Bad.

We continued to look as our mouths watered more and more. The samples they gave us didn’t help much either. They dangled the baited hook and now they were gonna set it. The samples put us over the edge and we came away with several small bags of deliciousness each.

After this stop we made our way back home again. For dinner we went to a place called the Frontier Restaurant. I don’t recall we had or if it was even good. Sorry about that, my notes don’t say anything and as you may have guessed my memory is for shit.

More to come…

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