New Mexico – Day 8 – Saturday, October 20th – Bonus Material

Today we took our cleaned up our condo in Santa Fe, packed the car and headed back to the airport where we dropped off our car before shuttling to the airport itself.

This brings our vacation to an end. There were somethings I wanted to mention that didn’t get mentioned in any of the other posts plus I wanted to share some pics of plants and animals I was able to get but also didn’t share them anywhere else.

For a list of odd things – here you go.

  • The longest skydive took place in New Mexico while we were visiting. – Article by Reuters
  • Wild animals we saw were: either deer or moose, in Cloudcroft, Pronghorn along the road inside the many miles fence line, prairie dogs, tarantula, small lizard/gecko
  • I did get my Kindle Touch back – I received a call from a gentleman that read my email with the description of my goof-up and said that they had it. I had it shipped to work. It arrived my first day back.

Here is a small side-show of some of the pictures I took that help illustrate our New Mexico trip. Enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoy it and please forgive what are I am sure many mistakes I have made along the way.

More to come…

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