Welcome Back…Me!

It has been quite some time since I have written let alone posted anything online. There are several reasons for why that is and probably several more as to what that I can’t say, however, I am back and giving some high-level updates about the overall status of several aspects of my life.

  1. Back/Sciatica Issues – as you may recall several months ago I went through a bout of severe pain, several doctor visits, medication prescriptions, more doctors visits and yet more prescriptions and even more pain followed closely by an MRI. The results of which showed that I had six bulging discs. 3 were probably from 7 years ago when I first experienced Sciatica and these latest 3 bulging discs were probably effecting my left leg.

I have been since the MRI been going to physical therapy sessions with regular occurrence which has helped some. I have also had a steroid shot into one of my discs to help alleviate the pain I had so that I can go to PT to see if we can get ahead of this thing.

Part of my PT includes getting off my ass and walking every day. I know that I need to do this and I make an effort. This also is good for our dog Undie as he needs walking every day also. The big thing is walking longer and more consistent. This will help getting out of the terrible routine of sitting on my butt watching television once I get home.

So far I have found some relief from the various stretches I am asked to do but find it difficult to commit enough time to doing them everyday like I should. My work schedule is such that I might work at 2 or 3 am one day and 4 or 5 the next, 7 one day followed by 6 and or 5am. This has made it challenging to do in the morning. During the evening I get wrapped up in some project or another or cleaning or some such activity and I just don’t think of getting out my gear for stretching.

I need to find motivation within myself and fully commit to doing the work that my body needs.

2. Memorial Day camping – kind of a bust. We left after work on Friday to head down to Cape Perpetua on the Oregon Coast between Florence and Newport – first bad idea – leaving Portland during after-work traffic.

We decided to head down I5 to Corvallis and then head west. This would alleviate the crazy curvy road we would be driving and night in the rain. Speaking of which it poured like I haven’t seen in a long time. We made it to Newport and decided to stop for the night at a hotel so that we could deal with setting our tent and transporting of sleeping pads and sleeping bags when it was dry(er). Not to mention that if we needed help people would be sober.

We arrived at the camp site around 8 and found no one awake. We grabbed our tent, which by the way was making its first trip with us, quickly set it up. I grabbed the sleeping bags which had been transported in our soft-top external roof rack, to find that they had got wet during the night that shall ever more be referred to as the Night of Perpetua (yes I mean Perpetua – get it Cape Perpetua) Rain. Needless to say this didn’t make anyone happy and we quickly strung some rope under the wooden gazebo to allow the bags to dry. Fortunately Karl had a heater attachment for his ginormous propane tank and allowed us to use it to speed the drying process.

Soon we had all of our gear out of car and setup. About this time we see Tommy and his two dogs – Sylvia, a cute dachshund and Albert, a very svelte basset hound, walking towards us from an early morning walk-about with his four-legged friends.

Soon we were heating water for coffee and making food and greeting people as they slowly made their way under the gazebo which had been designated the gathering spot since rain had preventing us from using the 7 foot diameter fire pit. Which we all really love since there is anywhere from 13-20+ people camping.

The weather Friday was mostly grey and rained off and on throughout the day and almost all of the night. Our tent held up swimmingly – pun intended – and we were dry and warm all night. Almost all day we stayed under the gazebo – drinking and eating. I believe I drank 9 beers that first day. We played Cards Against Humanity much to the joy of everyone who played it including my wife who does not join in the reindeer games.

Saturday we woke up and found there not many people up, generally sleeping off the night before. I made pancakes and cooked bacon  on my propane stove using cast iron. I love cast iron – just saying. After breaky (Australian for breakfast) Jessica headed back to bed as she was still tired. I stayed up and played several games of Magic the Gathering with the guys as they trickled in. Jess woke up later and lunch was had before we headed out to see the beaches and explore during one of the few breaks in the deluge that was to be our existence for the next couple days. Here are a few pics I took with my phone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Saturday evening was not terribly fun although we did play several games of cribbage, we went to bed early-ish. Early for camping anyway. It rained all night again.

Sunday we decided to head home since the activities were limited because of weather and I had to be at work at 4am Tuesday. This allowed for us to actually get all our gear put away at home and have an actual day of vacation. On our way home we stopped in at Block 15 while passing through Corvallis. I had a massive hamburger and fries and Jess had a some equally awesome mound of food that I can’t even remember the name of. We washed it down with beer and headed back on the road.

Too much rain and not enough time to explore or time with friends caused this trip to be a bust.

3. The garage project is moving along. My friend Paul has been instrumental in making this happen. He did all of the remodel of his basement himself and several other projects that give his lots of experience in these situations.

What has happened so far – removed/destroyed one wall-mounted shelving unit – installed 10 indoor lights – installed 2 sets of motions sensing lights, 1 in front and 1 in back of the house – installed 3 outlets inside the garage and 2 outside, 1 in front and 1 in back – insulated the walls – put up drywall – applied 1st round of mud and taped.

What has to happen to finish – finish the mud and taping – paint walls – apply cement sealer to block moisture – mount free-standing shelves to walls – move last remaining shelf to opposite wall along with workbench. reorganize all the crap that is sitting in the middle of my garage.

I think those are the highlights. there is probably more that I cannot think of right now. But there will be…

More to come…

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