Garage Completion in Sight

Some of you may recall that over the past several (forever ago) months I started working on making our attached garage more garage-like. I wanted to have better usable space as opposed to the bare studs and limited lighting. To that end I spoke with a friend of mine who has done “projects” of this sort many times over and he volunteered to help me out. This is what has been done as of this weekend:

  1. Prep 1/2 the walls for insulation and sheet rock. This means everything on the walls comes off down to studs including old nails and staples
  2. Remove the first of 2 wall mounted shelves – shelved are approximately 3ft tall x 5.5 ft long and heavy as hell. Both were nailed to the wall. To be replaced ultimately with 4 freestanding metal shelves.
  3. Remove all additional shelves attached to wall (which will be used later) plus all items placed against the wall (studs) so that insulation can be placed.
  4. Measure how much and what size insulation is needed and go buy it along with staples for staple-gun. (I would eventually go to Ace Hardware three times searching for the correct size staples-don’t ask)
  5. Measure, cut and staple all insulation.
  6. Notice how poorly lit the existing bulbs illuminate the garage and decide that additional lighting needs to be installed. Decide on how many lights (10 + 1) and since we are wiring for lighting decide to place additional indoor and outdoor outlets (5 + 2) then go buy them plus outlets, all wiring wire, circuit boxes and the like. While at the store upon seeing outdoor motion-sensing floodlights, pick two (1 front and 1 back) of those up plus an additional regular fancy on/off light for the back door.
  7. Have friend show how to properly wire all lights and additional outlets and then do it jointly.
  8. Measure and purchase all sheet-rock, mud, tape and screws for installing sheet-rock. Have same previous friend show you how to install sheet-rock, mudding and taping, then do it.
  9. Paint walls (2 coats) off-white (parchment) and see how much more visibility there is in the garage.
  10. Move everything on the floor of the garage outside and prepare cement for oil-based paint. This involved stripping old cement sealant with chemicals and wire brushes.
  11. Paint all the cement flooring (x 2) with new oil-based paint that is meant for such things. New color is called new penny or something like that.
  12. While everything is outside, remove old crappy sheet-rock and what passed for insulation 40 years ago (shredded newspaper) from the wall that the washer and dryer are against. We then sealed (foam sealant) all openings in the sheet-rock that the water pipes came through. This was all the excess space around the pipes further insulating it. Install new insulation and sheet-rock area with last remaining sheet-rock. Mud, tape and paint.
  13. Move all things in backyard back inside and place on new shelves.
  14. Remove the second wall-mounted wooden shelf and the workbench from under it from final wall in preparation for sanding and painting.
  15. Purchase free-standing workbench off Craigslist for better tool storage and maneuverability and place against wall of last remaining wall-space.

That has consumed much of my free time over the last 3-4 months and I am so happy it is nearing its conclusion. When all is said and done we will be better insulated, have massively better light – indoor and out, more outlets – indoor and out, have better shelves and organization of our belongings.

During this process we have also been able to purge many things we either didn’t need or want. Finally we might even be able to park a car in it. 🙂

This has been a big project that isn’t complete yet but this chapter of this project is drawing to a close soon. The next chapter will involve insulating the triangular space above the rafters in the garage and laying plywood above the cross-piece ribs to make a floor to the triangular space above the garage and a ceiling to the garage itself. We plan on placing a pull-down extendable ladder up there so we have access to it and will store things that we get to once a year maybe. Then…we will be done with this project. 🙂

I wish I had more to report in terms of fun and exciting things that are happening but this project drawing to a close is fun and very exciting to me.

Over the weekend we also placed 10 bags of bark-mulch in the front yard after weeding last weekend. Last weekend our raspberry area was culled as well as the garden beds. Weed barrier was placed over all areas we don’t want anything to grow in until we indicate such time and thing we want planted. Finally I mounted a dual (technically a triple) hanging kayak holder for our kayaks. This keeps them off the ground and away from the sun and its icky UV that can cause damage if it’s in it for too long. Been a busy and productive last couple weeks (months).

I know this is probably boring to read but it has been what has been occupying lots of our free-time. I am also sure that I have left out some details or glossed over others in the retelling on this but this is what I have right now.

More to come…

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4 Responses to Garage Completion in Sight

  1. Paul B says:

    You should post before and after photos.


    • Were I a smarter person, I would have taken pictures of before and after of each stage. Having said that, sadly I did not take pictures. 😦 I will look to see if I can scrounge some pictures somewhere – definitely the after pictures.


  2. Anna says:

    I really enjoyed reading about your make-over. I got quite a few chuckles out of it (don’t know if you intended that, but). It sounds like you have really done a great job. Good for you and thanks for the laughs, I could use them. Mom


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