Independant Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 7 – End of 1st Quarter

  • (2)(6)(163) Mr. Pink-*173-161-168=502 (167) +4
  • (-)(9)(128) Lenny-97-*123-149=369 (123) -5
  • (1)(11)(161) Ruben-*181-150-*202=533 (177) +16
  • (8)(11)(179) Tod-*197-*197-209=603 (201) +22
  • (8)(11)(206) James-178-*255-*251=684 (228) +22

This week marks the end of the first quarter and we are doing something different this year; the last week of each quarter we are  bowling head to head, a position round if you will, against the team right next to you in the standings. The team with the most points plays the team with the second most points, the third plays the fourth etc…down on the line. What this is intended to do is make the league a little more competitive and allows for each team to earn their positions by bowling the team right next to them. This means that there can be a lot a shake up in the positions when all is said and done. Confused…good. (Not really) I am happy to explain a little more in detail if needed. Shoot me a reply about the specifics, maybe someone else will have the same question as you. Remember, the only dumb question is the one not asked. 🙂

As the team with the sixth highest points we bowled the team with the fifth highest…and took 28 out of 35. Based on how the four teams above us did we were able to squeak into second place…by 1/2 a point. Boo-ya!

2nd Place

2nd Place

As a team we were +59 per game with only Lenny going under a few pins. Overall it was a really good night for our team. Let me give you some highlights:

Mr. Pink was back from Disneyland and ready for action. He was really consistent with only going under average in the second game by two pins. He wrapped up the night at +4 overall and 5 pins over for the last game.

Lenny struggled for the first time this season; he started slow but gained +20 pins over the next two games one over the other. He did finish the last game at 21 pins over average. Nice!

Ruben had a very solid night but with a dip below his average in the second game. He did finish strong with a 202 and 41 pins over average.

Tod had maybe the performance I have seen of his to date; 197, 197, 209. All games above average and with a 209 his last game for 30 pins over average. SWEET!

I had a good night but started slow. I shot a 178 my first game. F=Hard to believe I had 7 strikes in it huh? I started and ended with three and then had one in the middle in between a couple open frames. Yuck. 😦

The 10th frame of the first game I switched balls and position on the lanes as well as being mindful of my release. Pretty much I re-jiggered everything…and it worked. I realized, after the third game wrapped up, that I had been dropping my shoulder and muscling the ball. Both of these are no-no’s and can really adversely effect your game as it did with mine. One I figured that out my ball rolled true and the strikes, they were-a-comin’.

I finished the night with 255 and 251 for a 684 for the night (the second good week in a row) and the third game I was 45 pins over average. Supa-dupa!

If you had been keeping track, my whole team stepped up the last game and rolled +5, +21, +41, +30 and +45 for a total of 142 over average for the last game or 28 per bowler. That was awesome and needed since the team we bowled against, after having a slow start, poured it on the last game and had three bowlers bowl in the 200’s. We only took the last game by 7 pins. 972 to 979.

With regards to Karl and my little wager about having the higher average at the end of the year here is the news.

Karl went 179-172-194 for 545 which gives him 4557 total pins and a 217 average.

I went 178-255-251 for 684 which gives me 4398 total pins and a new average of 209. I am now only 8 pins behind and making headway. I don’t expect Karl to have another night like last week so I need to make pins up where I can.

One a final note, Daryle, who bowled his first 300 game and 800 series (810) last week followed up this week with 795. Man is this guy on fire! Fantastic job. His average is back to 222 where I usually see him at.

More to come.

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