Welcome back…ME! Greetings to all of you on the interwebs.

After a long break from any sort of writing I have decided it was time to start-up again. Let me first say that the last two months (whoa, has it really been that long?) has literally flew by. During that time I celebrated my 3rd year of being a blogger and the other big news is that I have started my own business. Rather, I quit my old job, you guys knew about that, and now I am about to go live with my own business.

I have spent much of the last two months going through all of the legal stuff to let me be a business, I purchased a domain name and web hosting services. I have almost completed the transformation of one of my bedrooms into my office and studio (had to remove everything from it and repaint). I then purchased plenty of hardware and a massive old desk to put everything on. This Monday I get the “power turned on” as it were with internet and phone lines being installed.

Once that is complete I need to connect all my computers up and download specific software for my business venture (I will tell you exactly what I am doing once my website is complete and fully operational) and start making some calls.

I also have had a friend take some professional photos of me for my website and LinkedIn. No more hiding out. Time to share myself with the world. I think I am maybe 10 days out from being 100% operational. I am so excited.

As for why I haven’t written, in part it was due to wanting to focus on getting all of my business things done that needed doing and as I didn’t know WTF I was doing the learning curve was pretty steep.  And to be honest it was in part me feeling sorry myself due to bowling. I know this sounds ridiculous, and I am adjusting to that sentiment myself. Let me explain.

For many years I have been bowling a league and have been pretty successful at it. Meaning I carried a decent average (213+ for last 10 years or so) and always looked forward to bowling. I took for granted how much it meant to me to be considered a good bowler. I know most of this was going on inside my head. Moving on – the 9th week of this season the oil that is used on the bowling lanes changed – a lot! I know that I mentioned this before but as I have not written in so long I wanted to refresh everyone.

The oil changed so much so that my bowling suffered greatly. I continued to drop in average week after week no matter what I tried to do to overcome the amount of oil or the pattern used.

This change did not affect everyone however or rather it didn’t affect some bowlers as much as others. What I have observed was that if a person had a larger hook (like myself) the difficulty for obtaining your average became very challenging in the extreme. I also noticed that people who have less hook on their ball were affected less so. After speaking with bowlers over the last 10 weeks that seems to be fairly accurate.

So…after week after week of not making my average and feeling like I let the team down over and over again and causing us points because I missed my average by so many pins I became more and more angry and went into a depression. Stupid I know. But that is what went through my head. I also was stressing out about being able to make money with my new business. As much as I disliked my last job, it was secure and gave me a check each week. Now that I am dependent on my own efforts I started to worry and didn’t feel like I could concentrate enough to even write.

Finally I have thrown off the mantle of “pity me” and am owning my actions and feelings over the last couple months and have wanted to get back into writing so that I can achieve a sense or routine and normalcy again. At least I can control this aspect of my life.

After this entry I will be entering each weeks bowling scores one week per entry for the last seven weeks I haven’t posted them . I will be leaving off poker games and individual points won until everything is current.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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