Yellowstone…at last! – Day 4 (Oct 11th)

We started the day by going out to breakfast at a really nice local place called Cafe Genevieve. It was a nice change of pace from eating hard boiled eggs for breakfast, which I had been doing the last several mornings. Jessica had huevos rancheros and I had biscuits and cajun gravy with a side of potatoes. Delicious!.

After breakfast we made our way from Jackson Hole in Wyoming and then drove into West Yellowstone, Montana. Along the way we stopped off at many areas to view the scenery and much of the wildlife that you might expect to see in Yellowstone such as buffalo, elk, wolves to name a few.

We also took time to stop in at the visitor center in Moose, Wyoming located in the Tetons. It was amazing. So much of the history, conservation practices of so many people so that we can enjoy all of this is sobering. I am humbled to see the amount of effort these people have gone through so that folks like me and my wife can visit when we want to.

During our journey today we managed to find a really secluded area that was at least a mile off the highway and once stopped and we were out of the car was so quiet. I think I have only experienced this kind of quiet before and that was when Jessica and I visited White Sands, New Mexico. It is deathly quiet. It was like that here too. Peaceful with just a hint of hyper-awareness of your surroundings lest a bear come upon us unawares.

After a bit of a drive, we stop off at one of the many geyser stops within Yellowstone (near our vicinity). It of course started to snow. Not to be daunted by mother-nature, we walk the wooden foot path that takes you around all of the guysers. It was amazing, if not cold as hell.

We continued our journey and eventually make our way to Old Faithful. This is really the epitome of this section of Yellowstone. There is a massive resort setup for the tourists and campers, more wooden foot-bridges and all the while with wild life just hanging out. We saw more buffalo and a wolf while making our way around all the other geysers not named “Old Faithful.” Oh, and I have to say this, we walked within 15-20 feet of a buffalo. Not that I recommend doing this but it had held the path hostage that we needed to use to get back to the parking lot. It came to a point after some minutes of the MASSIVE animal grazing the delectable grass on the opposite side of the path that a group of tourists, including ourselves, decide to quickly, calmly and quietly walk past the animal. We thought it was a big deal but he didn’t seem too impressed. I would be remiss if I didn’t show a pic of “Old faithful” here it is.

Who says bison don’t share the walk-way? from James Nutt on Vimeo. The video above was either going to be really exciting or maybe the last I ever record had things gone differently.

We we started back on the road finally deciding to make our way to our resort in West Yellowstone, we have our car stopped, traffic in both directions actually, by a large grizzled grey wolf. That was his coloring not necessarily his breed. He was taking his time crossing the road apparently keeping company with a smaller white/grey wolf walking a long the small river in the distance some 100 yards.

We also managed to see an elk cow and her young a bit later closer to the town we were heading to for the night. That was sweet.

Once in the town, we stop in at grocery store for some needed provisions…and alcohol for the next 3 days. That’s how they do in Montana – selling booze with the groceries. I love it.

Finally make it to our resort and crash for the night, left over Thai food for dinner in one hand and a cocktail in the other.Couldn’t find the Cubs vs SF Giants on t.v. so we are streaming it through Jessica’s phone. Go Cubs!

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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