Road Trippin’

The day started early for us; there were miles to be driven and they weren’t going to drive themselves. Total drive time 7 hours 29 minutes and a total of 317 miles round trip. Pictured below was our route.

Our route

 To say that this was just another road trip would be completely inaccurate. We started off around 9am and headed west through the cities of Sequim (pronounced skwim – like swim with a “k” after the s – yep, you got it…thanks for playing along), Port Angeles, Fairholme, Folks and finally to the Hoh Rain Forest. We visited the Visitor Center, walked a short trail and made for the picnic tables for lunch (ham and turkey on 21 grain bread with pepperjack cheese and dill chips – don’t be jealous). A brief stop at the restrooms and we were back on the road.

Since we were so far west already, we decided to go for it and make the trip epic and headed northwest towards Neah Bay and ultimately Cape Flattery (interesting fun fact – Cape Flattery is the Northwestern most part of the contiguous United States). We were so near we just had to make the effort. We didn’t want to say, “I remember the time we were “so close” to Cape Flattery but were tired and didn’t want to make the drive.” We sucked it up, sucked down some caffeinated beverages and kept driving.

The Cape was not disappointing; yes it was overcast but it was also beautiful as only the ocean can be. We managed to see whales breach and spout for several minutes before making our way back to the parking lot. The trek itself from the parking lot was actually pretty crazy. It started off going downhill with a million twists and turns for half a mile before we reached our destination. Then of course we had to make our way back to the car along the half mile up hill. Not that all of it was up hill but enough of it was to let us know that we wished for our twenty year old selved could have made the mile round trip instead of our actual selves. Fortunately we did have the assistance of walking sticks that were left for those of us who needed them. My wife and I were both thankful for having them around.

After the destination had been achieved, we made for home which was still hours away. We decided to stop for pizza in Port Angeles and washed it down with a pitcher of IPA. The pie was actually pretty good. It was called “The Heat” and earned its name honestly – it had jalapenos among pepperoni, pineapple and tomatoes. For dessert we stopped off at safeway and grabbed some multi-flavored Nerds for on the way to the resort.

We arrived back at the resort (which is technically not in Port Townsend (PT) – it is southwest of PT but on the west side of Discovery Bay instead of the PT side which is the Northeast side) around 10PM. We were exhausted and soon found our beds.

Here are some pics…


Peace be with you!

More to come…

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