Greenleaf Enterprises LLC closes

It is with mixed feelings that I share the news that Greenleaf Enterprises LLC (GL) is now effectively closed. I did not come to this decision lightly or easily and certainly this was not the outcome I would have had but I need to face facts and those facts are that I needed help with this sort of endeavor and aside from my wife, did not ask for it. I tried to wear all the hats as they say and if there is one thing I came away from this experience, it is that I know where my short-comings are; sales and marketing.

I started GL almost 4 years ago in the hopes of creating a space for myself to work doing what I loved, and for some of the last 4 years I did. But too often my time was not mine to pursue work and I found myself struggling to garner much work. It’s hard to continue chasing a dream when you don’t know how to.

I don’t consider this a failure, on the contrary, I learned much about myself and that is very valuable. I learned about my strengths and weaknesses and maybe a bit too late, how to ask for help.

As I turn the page on this chapter and move towards the next in my life, I am now seeking full time employment, in a position playing to my strengths. Below you will find a link (James Nutt) to my resume. Please take a look and contact me if you hear of anything audio related, recording or editing. I am well experienced in customer service, technical support or account management. I am also not limiting myself to these arenas.

If you hear of anything, please reach out to me.


James Nutt


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2 Responses to Greenleaf Enterprises LLC closes

  1. Janet Dahlheim says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about this closing. You are a hard worker and I know that you will find something that you love to do. Good luck in your next endeavor!


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