Title Change ~ Afterall, what’s in a name?

So today I thought I would change the name of my blog. Up until now I really wasn’t certain what the focus would be of my blog, so the name(s) I had were kind of random and didn’t really illustrate what someone wishing to know more about my blog could expect to read within it.

I knew that I would keep a journal of sorts so that I might learn to write in a manner that is both clear and interesting and so that I might get some feedback from interested parties. The things I would write about are topical to what I am doing and observing in my life, in and around my neighborhood, city. I will also touch base on work, play, friends as well as anything else that suits my fancy.

As the name points out “James Nutt – In the shoes of a forty-something” is about a guy (me) just entering into my forties and what I deal with from day-to-day and week-to-week. Some of these things are not going to hit home with many of you but I hope that there are enough of you other thirty/forty-somethings out there that enough of what  have to say will resonate and keep you interested.

I generally feel like we all are after the same things, we may not always go about achieving them the same way but we are in the same boat. Work, home, food, clothing, entertainment, human contact, love, self-improvement, religion and politics. To a greater or lesser degree we all are driven to at least be a part of a couple of these things.

What I want to write about is how I interact with each of these things in a manner that not only chronicles how I do it but also will help me become a better writer and person. This may not make a lot of sense to anyone that isn’t me. As my wife says “I can’t read your mind.” She tells me this because I will make a comment to her after going over part of a conversation in my head. To anyone listening I get “The Look” like I am bat-shit crazy and I’m really confused for a few seconds before it dawns on me why I get “The Look.”

Please feel free to write back at any time if something clicks with you and you want to discuss. I am a communicator by nature and enjoy talking and connecting with people

More to come…

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