i’m gonna crop dust his ass with burrito power farts

This was a line my colleague/friend at work Im’ed me after I informed him that our bosses boss was in the office across the hall from us. I literally started chuckling out loud. That so totally made my day.

I haven’t heard that expression since highschool. You guys remember saying like that? Can you think of any others that we said as a matter of course back then? Back then, for me, was 83-87.

Feel free to send along any sayings from back when you were a kid and bring back a few memories. Shall we?

Here are a couple of mine:
Home-skillet ( I actually coined this phrases back then – you may disagree but it is the truth!!!)
Home-slice (I coined this one too)

More to come…

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2 Responses to i’m gonna crop dust his ass with burrito power farts

  1. Karynn says:

    LOL…that is hilarious. IF that had happened then my comment was really appropriate about our office being HELL! If he heard that… DOH!


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