Health Update

Over the past several, very busy, weeks I have been to see 2 general care practitioners, had an MRI, 1 neurosurgeon, 1 other doctor that administers an epidural among other things and 1 physical therapist. All this was to determine what was going on with me.

I recently wrote about having some physical issues that I couldn’t really describe in detail what was going on with me but otherwise was some pretty serious stuff. I think now is as good a time as any to speak about what I have told most of my family and friends about anyway; I have a number bulging discs, 6 to be specific, that have been playing merry-hell with the nerves in my back and culminating from tingling to numbness in my left toes. I also have been experiencing a fair amount of back pain when I stand for too long, for me is about 10 minutes, or walk too long, about a mile…maybe less.

All of this has led to some practical plans for the immediate wellness treatment of some core strengthening and nothing more…for now. This Friday I go in for an epidural that should help alleviate some of the lingering pain when I walk or stand. That should last for a couple of months. At that time we can decide where to go from there. Hopefully not surgery but if it comes to that I will do so. In any case the physical therapist says that rehabilitating my core could take a long time.This is fine with me if I can get on top of this. I am tired of being on injured reserve.

More than anything I am tired of being tired. Know what I mean? The kind of tired that just makes you weary.

I have come to realize that being tired is a little like being drunk in some respects; when I get tired and cranky my filters slip away in the aether. Then I start to say things I otherwise would not say or I say them in a manner that is not very productive often being sarcastic or downright mean. This is pretty terrible behavior on my part and I want to nip that in the bud if I can at all help it. It is productive and doesn’t do anybody any good to lash out at people.

I will let you know how things go periodically, especially after the epidural this Friday – let you know what it was like.

By for now.

More to come…

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